When I left work Sunday afternoon I picked up three packs of smokes. One for each day off. I was determined not to spend any money on my days off, knowing I didn't need too.

Well with 300 and something for the car rental, almost 200 for the car repairs, and the 180 for the comcast bill, I guess I was mistaken on that spending money thing.
Not only did I pay all of the rent this month, but I'm the only one paying the comcast bill.

Long story short, this shit needs to stop. I can't afford it anymore. I really cant. I am two seconds away from canceling the cable because I can't afford it. I'd keep the internet, but I'd cancel the cable.
I don't watch TV. Let them pay for that shit.


Libërty said...

Spending money sucks when you don't have that much of it.

You smoke a pack a day??!! Damn woman.

Jen said...

I try not too, and sometimes I don't. But I prepared for the worst happening, like being upset about something or other. :p