Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Its been a few days since I've updated. I'm sorry, but I've actually been busy. And yesterday I just didn't feel like writing. So be ready for a blog of epic proportions!

I woke up Friday at 6:15. I knew I was going to be late for work, I had to be there at 7am. So with out any coffee in me I make it downstairs to start my car and let it heat up a bit before I race off towards walmart.
Small problem though. The key to my car is not working. Oh no. John is on the phone. I'm pissed off. Theres no way for me to get in my car. I'm livid. I'm screaming.
I shake my hand to get my coat sleeve over it because I'm freezing and my engagement ring flies off of it. I can hear it bounce in the parking. I'm freaking out more.

Picture me, half asleep, on the phone and down on her knees peering under cars for this ring. I was not a happy girl. I finally find it, it was not in the area I thought it was, which was upsetting. But I found it undamaged.

I manage to pull my rear back door open, the one that never locks, and climb into my car from there. I start the car and realize, "Oh shit, the windshield is frozen over." but instead of climbing out and scraping it? I just sat there. I called work to tell them I was not going to be on time, but no one answered.
I called again when I got to the gas station to crawl out and get deicer, but they didn't answer again. The deicer? Didn't work. My car door was fucked.

So I get to work, crawling out via the back seat. I have people staring at me now. But I suck it up and deal with it.
The day goes on, it wasn't horrible. Wasn't star stunningly brilliant either, but thats life.
I ended up being 40 minutes late. But no one said a word to me. not one person.
I was impressed.

On the way home, after my manager saw me crawl into my car from the opposite side and drive off. I Call my mom and she told me to go get it fixed. Always one to pretend to take my mothers advice I thought I would switch it up this time and actually take it.

This is the exchange that happened at the dealer.
"So who can I help?" the man says.
"Oh! Me! Pick me!" I squeal.
"Yes?" He said
"My car is broken!" I announce like I won something for this.

I then proceeded to rattle off about 50 things wrong with it that I want them to fix. But I Forgot to tell them to fix the very cracked back bumper. I am stupid.

So I am now stranded at the chevy place, with my giant pink purse, a cell phone and a mop. Yes, I had a mop with me. I called enterprise because they do "Under 25 car rentals." and basically verbally sucked "Luke's" dick to get this car.

"Ok, do you have a major Credit card?" "Nope. I have a debit!" "Do you have a paycheck stub and a copy of your utility bill?" "Nope! I have my lease though! And a mop." "Yea, we don't borrow cars to people with out.." "Oh come on Luke, you're breaking my heart. YOu sound like a nice guy, do you really want me stranded here for hours on end while I wait for someone to come get me? What if they never get me, huh luke? I can't sleep here. I have to go home and sleep. Please luke.."

Needless to say, I got the car. I got home and I just passed out. I was so tired. Woke up the next day at 6am. I didn't have to be at work till 8. Thankfully, I was on time.

Sunday was the longest day of my life. LONGEST OF MY LIFE. See, Saturday night Emily and I got drunk. Because I wanted too. After I dropped Emily off at her house, I ended up babbling to my neighbor for an hour about Jes and Joey and everything that was wrong in the world.
I am a chatty drunk. A chatty and honest drunk.

Turns out Jessica heard everything I said. And she was very hurt. Boy howdy did I feel like an ass! I apologized time and time again, wishing there was a magical way to make it better. I almost cried at seeing her almost cry.
Foot in mouth along with ankle, calf, knee and thigh. CHOKE ON IT JEN!

But yesterday! Yesterday was a wonderful day. I got some cleaning done, I read the rest of my book. I had dinner at my mommies house. And I became a library card totin' citizen of Woodstock, IL. Oh yes. I plan on going back to the magical library and wandering for hours on end until I have a stack of books I can hardly carry. I had that last night, but most of them were non-fiction so they weren't really interesting.

But I am going to learn to Knit today! And after I pick up my car from the dealer I plan on driving out to my dads, hopefully if it's not done too late. :D
Yay for my life!

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