Shaun Wolfe

Tonight I met my newest "Nephew" DeChaun.... well to be honest I am not sure how to spell it. But I do know that with 10 fingers and 10 toes he is nearly as perfect as Alex and Emily (Oh look at me name drop!)

Theres something completely different about knowing that for the next 10 months you will be living with the baby. Its not as strong as a family bond, but there is an instant want to have the baby know you and not fuss around you.

On the upside, My roommate is back to her old self and I was honest with her about being a complete cunt over the last 2 months. She did not deny and we had a wonderful time and I can not wait till they come home.

Ps. Emily, You do not need to diet. You are perfect the way you are. The End.


Libërty said...

I have a new cousin!

Her name is (get this) Francesca Romana...They're in Italy right now.

Huzzah for babies!

Jen said...

Babies are super adorable and cute, no?

Libërty said...

Most are.