Monday? More like FUNDAY!

Not really, but we can go ahead and pretend.

I spent a lot of time today driving. Emily finally came over around 2ish and we hung out for an hour before leaving to go to my moms. She was not there. My father? Also not there.
So I ate some food and we got back in the car to come back to Woodstock. We figured we'd try to get the damn tree in my car, at least to kill time. Turns out, it fit! The base was outside the car window, but it was in there.

We got to Uhaul only to discover the bag I picked up that I thought had the key and pass card in it, did not. So I was upset and annoyed with myself, but I put on a brave face.

We drove to my moms for dinner, where it was a good time. Pork Chops were ok, but the conversation was hilarious. My brother, Van, wants to wear a purple tux to my wedding. My mom also told me that he has no choice. "So really, when you said I should ask him you meant that I should tell him?" she nodded and laughed.
I miss my family sometimes.

After dinner we headed BACK To the Uhaul and managed to sucessfully get inside. The shit was in the storage unit and I was a happy girl.
We head back to my mom's because she has something to tell me.

Turns out my Grandma is not doing well. She's going into Hospice, which is the nursing care that comes to where you are, and clearly takes care of you. This means in 6 months she could be dead. She could be dead before I get married. Before I have kids, hell before the lease on this apartment is up.

Tomorrow I'm going to an 11:30AM meeting at the home she is in to meet with the director. My parents are coming with, which is good. I need to hear all of the grusome details, and perhaps for the first time in a long time, see my grandmother.