Letter for Jessica

Note: I'm not only going to print this out, but I'm going to link her to my blog as well. Perhaps then she'll realize the error of her ways... Or kill me. Its really a coin toss at this point. (Typed Toin coss first. haha.)

So wish me luck, and if I manage to get home from work and not be dead, I will let you know how that went.
But now there is coffee done, and it needs to get inside me.

I have done half of the dishes in the dishwasher and all of the ones you so thoughtfully left out for me. You said we were not going to be using the dish washer due to our extremely high electricity bill so imagine my surprise when instead of doing the dishes you loaded the dishwasher.
Although I know it wasn’t the dish washer that caused our electricity bill to be sky high. I discovered it probably had something to do with you leaving the oven on over night at 350 degrees and 325 degrees.

But its ok, because I’m sure you being too stubborn to call the complex to come and fix our dryer resulting in you running it 3-4 times to dry a load helped tons too. Not to mention your inability to turn off the tv when you leave a room. (We’ve covered this already.)
So please either run the dishes in the dish washer and put them away, or wash them by hand. I have sent you a 90 dollar check through the bank, but consider 30 of it towards the next bill since some of the things that ran up that bill are nothing I did, considering my room is the same temperature as it is outside right now.

Also if you are going to fight on the phone, could you be so kind to go somewhere else so that neither I, nor the rest of the building can hear you? That would be great.
Thanks so much and hopefully this lovely passive aggressive gem will be taken to heart,

Your Freezing cold and dirt poor roommate,

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