Kitchen Mahem

Last night I decided it was time to organize the kitchen. We had a HUGE drawer full of Kitchen cooking things, which was NOT NEEDED. So I bought a container for ontop of the stove. I also moved my mixer back into its box. I got little racks and things to make the cabinets less cluttered. I finished doing my dishes, but Im leaving Jes her two disgusting ones.

Im so frustrated here. I keep saying I can keep doing this, but to be completely honest I'm not so sure that I can. Just the thought of her coming home and bitching about the changes I made make me want to punch a wall.
I need to live alone. I need to not answer to anyone but myself, not wonder why no one can take out the garbage. Back on the issue of garbage, if you can work, you can take out the garbage.
Im not touching it.

Im so tired of it all.

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