I'm going to kill her.

For the last few weeks I have been listening to Jes bitch and moan about how it takes three turns in the dryer for anything to be completely dry. I have yet to do laundry, but each time my response is "Call the office and have them fix it." and yet she still bitches.

I finally asked Joey about it last night, and he said "Oh she said they're closed on Saturdays." Why would maintenance be closed on a Saturday? Things break on saturday, important things none the less...

And since they are def. closed today I'm not exactly sure whats going to happen with my work clothes that need to be washed, or the fact that I have no socks left. But its ok, because monday before work I can slave over laundry before going to work 8 hours just to get home and have all the clothes that were in the dryer on the floor in my room. I'm totally looking forward to it.

Side Note: She can't get online to see the office hours but she can organize the kitchen and move all my shit around in there? Makes perfect sense now. You're on bed rest, get your ass back in bed or get to fucking work.

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MrK said...

I like Jess but I kinda get the feeling she is bossing you around and you are too nice to say anything. That's fine, when I get there I may have some stuff to say about her not having enough rent money, how she doesn't even contribute to the Comcast but is happy enough to not only watch it but order movies on it too. How Joey is there 99% of the time but he doesn't pay rent and doesn't contribute to the bills at all. About how she thinks she can just bitch at you and give out commands but there is no come back to her and where is my gray sweater? Joey has it!

She may be able your friend but after what you told me today about feeling like a guest rather than a cohabitant with equal rights, I'm more than a bit worried and actually quite cross. If things don't improve I'll be asking her for Comcast money and asking that Joey pays for some bills at least, he's got money.

You need or want me to say anything to her, I will but if you don't I won't, although I won't be letting her bully you.

Love you <3