Happy Sunday, Blog readers!

So I'm sitting here not completely awake, but awake enough to know that I should probably fill you all in on my life. Yesterday I woke up to find that although I had cleaned the kitchen, Jes couldn't be bothered to put two glasses in the dishwasher. So I decided to leave my plate on the counter as well. I'm going to do a big thing for me, and thats be passive aggressive with my actions. (No spine, etc etc.) And last night after I had made the dessert for today, I washed all of my pots and pans leaving the kitchen spotless except for the pan she used and her coolade pitcher.

Either she can wash them, or I can find other things to use. Ain't no big 'thang.

So dinner party tonight. I'm excited. I want to know how my lasagna turns out. I'm hoping its delicious. God I hope it is. I'll be crushed if it tastes like asshole. (seriously.) Desert should be good, apples cooked in butter and sugar to put on top of ice cream and then homemade whipped cream (I needed to use my mixer for SOMETHING.)

Today I work from 10:30-6pm. I'm hoping that space of time goes by rather quickly.. Sunday mornings are generally slow because people are at church and not at the Walmart, but eventually it will pick up...God I hope it picks up.
Speaking of walmart, they have drastically cut everyone's hours, so when I was hired on for 33 hours a week, I am not getting roughly 25 hours a week. Normally this would not be a problem, but since I moved out... I need the money. So long story short they need to keep up with my hours or raise my pay, damn it.

Which means Monday while I'm cleaning and doing laundry, John will be helping me with my resume. (Which means Big Jen, I will be emailing it to you for Brad to look over if you don't mind :D) because I think a desk job that pays hella better than Walmart is a good thing right about now. either that or I can work two jobs and hope for the best. (Read: Don't want to work two jobs.)

So thats my life in a nutshell. My coffee is delicious and I am equally excited about breakfast in a bit. Not to mention the lovely warm shower I should be taking in 20 minutes or so. Goodness, moving out has made my life so much more exciting! Thank god for Roommate drama or this blog would be boring as fuck!

Now, stop reading this and get your ass to church! God doesn't wait around foreve...oh wait.. Yes he does.

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big jen said...

happy to look it over for ya' sis.