90 Day Evaluation

Yesterday I was standing at work talking to Jessie and that other woman (Her name escapes me) and Dorthy, a wonderful lady who is training to be a CSM, comes over to me and asks if I have a few minutes to go into the back with her for my eval. I look at her, eyes wide and go "You're going to beat me, aren't you!?" And then Angela comes over and I go, "She's going to beat me in the back, Angela! Help me!" And Angela grins and says, "Why do you think I'm coming along?" and we all laugh and head off to the old vision center.

Thank god those two did my eval and not Kay or Dani because to be honest, they both scare me a bit and I don't think Kay has a nice bone in her body. Dani at least has children and I've seen her have a soul. But I digress. I told the two (Angela and Dorthy) that I was glad it was them because I could be honest, and then they started the eval.

Turns out my Items per minute scanned, (IPH) is super high. Walmart wants you at 325ish and I'm somewhere around 475. (Look ma, finally found something I'm good at!) which means I'm super awesome. Apparently theres a 10 ft rule where you smile and greet everyone within 10 ft. of you.
On a busy sunday, do you have any idea how exhausting that could get? I'm going to need a mega phone!
Oh and then Dorthy said, "Now about your Attitude and tardiness." and I was all "Whut? Attitude? Didn't you just say I was pleasent and engaging and charming and funny?" And Angela looked over and laughed, "Attendance and Tardiness." she corrected, and we all chuckled.
I told them both that I had ask to be transfered but they wouldn't let me, so I feel that if I'm going to be tardy they are just going to have to deal with it, because I'm not going to care.

Dorthy at this point told me I was preaching to the choir and that its pointless to complain about it because no one is going to care, meaning the higherups, and I nodded. "Still, its good to justify myself to someone." I told her .

Then they had me sign it and write down what my goals are. Told em I wanted to be a department head, Customer Service person or a CSM. All better paid than cashier, which is a good thing. Now to just improve a bit, kiss some ass and smile until I want to stab myself...

But, its amazing how someone saying you're doing a good job will make you want to continue doing a good job. I mean I got out there and I was laughing and joking around, I had also had a redbull, but still...
Angela kept joking about my "Attitude problem" which had us both in giggles, and then finally after I cannoed the red line, she let me go home early. Which needless to say, was wonderful.

So thats my life at walmart for the most part. Other than the fact that with the construction going on, I have no idea where anything is and neither do most of the customers. I'm answering about 20 questions a day regarding location of things, and sometimes even walking them back there to show them where it is.
Although people seem to be taking it with stride, there are some who bitch and whine and accuse ME of the disorder in the place as if I had a dream to change the walmart and on a whim ordered my bosses to destroy the stores inner organization. LOL. Stupid old women.

Theres an assload of snow outside, which does not please me. I have to brush off my car and such before work which means leaving super early again. I should invest in a pair of boots or something so that way my feet stay dry. But I hate boots, they are ugly :(

Ok, Coffee time.

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