Stress? What stress?

So the last couple of days Jes has been on bed rest because she was dehydrated and ended up in the hospital with contractions 4 minutes apart. Yesterday morning she went back, by the time she got there her contractions were a minute apart.

She's home now but was ordered to not stand, move or do anything other than lay, pee and eat. This is a problem, because if she can't work this means I am fronting the entire rent myself, and that just isn't cool. I'm also now the live in house keeper because she doesn't do dishes, and now can't do dishes. She can't take out the garbage, empty the dishwasher or even vacuum.

So ontop of Rent, I'm also in charge of everything else. Can you see where the stress levels are coming in? I'm going to get some spare cash out of my savings for Rent, so I don't have to move back home.. but if this keeps up I'm going to end up stabbing myself.

I do plan on getting another job where I earn more but don't have to be at Walmart, because lets face it after taxes I'm barely making min. wage. and as glorious as I thought 8.15 was, I was horribly wrong. So if anyone knows of anywhere thats hiring, please for the love of god let me know.

And now that I have washed the dishes, I'm going to head to my Mother's so I can bake and eat cookies!

Ps. John's on a plane! Horrah!

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