I have been changed...for good.

Well I moved out. Packed it all up, got it all out. I now half own a two bedroom/two bath apartment with Jessica. I thought it would be tough, I thought I would hate it. Turns out, I'm loving every minute. I hate that I'm constantly working, but thats fine for now. It pays the rent. I also hate how theres no net, and yet, secretly loving that fact all the same.

I came online today and was like "what did I do on here for 5-10 hours a day?" I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. But I'm having fun, so much fun. Theres a strange freedom being able to do whatever I want whenever I want and not worry about being scolded or yelled at. Theres a lovely freedom about walking into the kitchen wondering if I'm allowed to eat this or that, or if someones going to wake up and yell at me for doing so.

So far its all been very good. And when it's better (Net and TV) you will hear all about it!

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MrK said...

I'm very proud of you Jen and to that I must add that while online you would usually be talking to me. I have been asking myself the same question, "What exactly does John do on the internet apart from read Jen's blog?" and the answer is...Talk to Jen!

I won't lie, I'll be so happy when you have the net again. Love you <3