Do you want a hot apple pie with that?

I just realized why America is so god damn fat. On facebook, there was an ad "Send the gift of virtual chicken nuggets." Seriously? Someone would think thats a gift? Thats... wow. I'm upset. so upset.
And by upset I mean "Hungry" because its really early and I havent eaten yet. I'm thinking toast and more toast since I have to go by 9:15 in order to get to work on time.
Thankfully its a short day today and JOHN IS HERE TOMORROW!

And I shall waste my day away tomorrow by baking cookies and eating them with mah mutti! But now I shall make some toast and eat it before donning my beige and navy for the day. Have a good one folks, I wish I had more to write about... I should write down my ranty thoughts while at work more often.

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